Our Story

We source quality, so you don't have to!

At PNW Blanks we test every item that arrives to us before we list it for sale. Quality products is just as important as affordable pricing and customer service.

Behind the Blanks

PNW Blanks and Sublimation was ceated by me, Anna Compton, with the help and support of my husband Jerrod in beautiful Bend, Oregon. I currently work full time during the week and have my own small customization business where I make finished products with the same blanks that can be purchased here. Jerrod is an off-road racer and founder of Go4Broke Offroad. He is also the head of R&D and the warehouse at PNW Blanks, and together new ideas for unique blanks are created by us! Most of our weekends are spent traveling the country to different motorsports events and going on other adventures.

Humble Beginnings

This started out as a small group on Facebook where myself and my business partner, Elena, ran group buy-ins for our fellow crafters. Over the past 5+ years that group has continued to grow into something we never imagined at the beginning. Because of this, we have now expanded from just a Facebook group into websites where a variety of blanks and printed transfers are offered at competitive prices, along with shipping locations in both Oregon and Tennessee!


We are constantly on the hunt to purchase new and unique blanks to offer our customers. This includes having our own ideas manufactured. If you ever have something in mind you're looking for, shoot us a message and we'll see if we can make it happen. 

In 2021, we created the idea for the 12" long tumbler press attachment. Knowing that the heat is concentrated in the center, radiates outward, and drops in temperature at the ends, it was important for us to have an element long enough to still be able to press 30 oz tumblers with consistent heating.

In 2022, four new products were manufactured from our ideas:

  • The Edgy Tumbler: A unique, patent-pending flat bottom tumbler to allow for full top-to bottom coverage. Featuring a twist-on leakproof lid and premium coating, you won't find another tumbler like it!
  • The Sublimation Snowglobe pen: The perfect addition to pair with our snowglobe tumblers, these pens are sublimatable on the metal part, and feature an acylic top to fill with glitter and liquid to create a fun and custom writing instrument!
  • The PenCreate: An innovative pen-making tool that connects right to your PNW Press. You can make 6 pens at once in this machine that comes in 3 fun colors!
  • The Rolie Polie: A must-have tool for pen and tumbler makers. You can use this tool to assist in taping your transfers onto your pens and tumblers, or you can use it as a cradle for adding decals and vinyl wraps for epoxy.
In 2023, we continued building our product line with the release of the Edgy Tumbler 2.0 - our enhanced version of the original Edgy with a unique silicone bottom to create a professional and durable finish.


We have now expanded to an additional location in Tennessee! Dawn started out as a moderator in the Facebook group and has branched into shipping blanks from the eastern part of the US. If an item is offered in both locations, you will see a drop-down on the product listing where you can choose where the item ships from! This is also shown in your Cart page before checkout. Our flat rate shipping model applies per location. Dawn is also the familiar voice (and sometimes face) behind the majority of our Tutorial Tuesday and Product Spotlight Friday videos in our Facebook Group


Your success is our success; thanks for trusting us to help you grow!